Author Press Releases:

An author press release is a written statement that is issued to the media to announce or promote an event or development related to an author or their work. Author press releases are important for several reasons:
1. It helps to increase an author’s visibility and reach:
By issuing a press release, an author can draw the attention of the media and the public to their work and events. This can help to increase an author’s visibility and reach, especially if the press release is picked up by major news outlets or shared widely online.
2. It is used as a marketing strategy to build buzz and anticipation around an author’s work:
By issuing a press release that announces an upcoming book release or event, an author can build buzz and anticipation around their work. This can help to generate interest and excitement among potential readers and encourage them to pre-order or purchase the book.
3. It can help to generate media coverage:
By issuing a press release, an author can draw the attention of the media and potentially secure coverage of their work or events. This can help to further increase an author’s visibility and reach.
In conclusion, an author press release is an important tool for authors to increase their visibility and reach, build buzz and anticipation around their work, establish their credibility and authority, and generate media coverage.

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This Module is for New Authors looking to publish their book for the first time on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble.

  1. 100% Custom Book Cover Royalties!​
  2. Editing & Formatting (International Book Publishing Standards)
  3. ISBN Registration​

This Module is for Published Authors looking to scale up online visiblility to avid readers and audiences, publishing on Goodreads, Quora, Blurb, Litsy, Audible, Bookhunt and Walmart!

  1. High Definition Custom Book Video Trailer​
  2. Unlimited Revisions with 100% Royalties​
  3. Dedicated Literary Project Manager​

The Sliver Marketing Module ensures scalable book sales through a captivating and engaging Social Media Marketing Strategy & Book Video Trailers!

  1. Book Video Ad Marketing on Instagram & TikTok​
  2. Weekly Progress Reports​
  3. Dedicated Literary Project Manager​

The Gold Marketing Module brings in a large number of book sales, using targeted marketing intelligence & book Video Ads on heavily visited platforms!

  1. Book Video Ads Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram & TikTok​
  2. Complete Customer Author Website with 100% Royalties on every book sale​
  3. 2 Press Releases on FOX & USA Today!​

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ABPC is an Agency formed by Top Tier Cert. Publishers and Marketers who’ve worked with Top Publishing Firms like Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, Penguin/Random House, Hachette Book Group & Macmillan that guarantee book sales unlike any other traditional publishing platform.

We Guide Our Authors to Simply keep Writing Masterpieces!

Agency that provides a variety of services any Author needs to have an established Web Presence!

We create a Custom Author Website for you to sell your books on your website and get to keep 100% royalties! Then create an Author Scholar’s Profile for you on Google to be recognized by billions as an Author, Novelist, Journalist etc…

You can now publish your book on 10+ mostly visited book stores Nationwide like Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Audible, Goodreads, Quora, Bookhunt, Litsy & Blurb!

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Still not convinced we’re right for you? We will provide you with dedicated free premium consultation even if you choose a different traditional publisher, we still give you the freedom of access to free knowledgebases and roadmaps!

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Jerome Ellis Author - Tapped Yet Unrooted

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Amazon Book Publishing Center is an independent entity helping self-reliant authors with book publishing and marketing solutions. We believe in ethical business practices and abide by US Federal and State Laws.

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The printing cost of the book depends on the following factors.

Page quality
Content color
Number of pages
Binding type
Number of copies ordered

Yes, the author will keep 100% of the film rights for his or her work.  That is it. No commission.

The author will hold the copyrights in all cases.

The book will be ready for publication in approximately 30 to 40 business days, depending on the author's requirements. Once we receive the manuscript, it will go through several procedures like editing and formatting. After receiving the written or email approval for print and the verified payment, we will proceed with publishing. However, please note that some distribution channels may take longer to process, but we guarantee that the book will be available in our store within the estimated time frame.